Canopy Motors and Fans for Australian Businesses 

Exhaust Fan and Motor Solutions has built a reputation for being New South Wales and Queensland’s leading provider of state of the art exhaust canopy and canopy motor solutions. If you run a commercial kitchen it is important that the air is of a high quality. Exhaust Fans and Motor Solutions provide commercial exhaust canopies that ensure high quality air filtration that can prevent damage to the kitchen and the health of your staff.

Servicing kitchens in Brisbane, Sydney, Wollongong, the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, we are able to come to your business and provide new exhaust fans that are guaranteed to improve the hygiene and quality of the air in your kitchen.

Why is Proper Air Filtration Important?

The quality of the air in your kitchen is important due to the health ramifications dirty air can have on your staff. With dirty air causing the spread of mould and pathogens throughout a kitchen, your staff will become liable to illnesses caused by these bacteria. Not only this, but if you received a visit from the health inspector and they found moulds and other bacteria had been spread due to poor quality air filtration your business will be liable to receive fines reaching to anywhere in the thousands.

It’s simply not worth the risk. Ensure that your business is safe from dirty air and the spread of harmful bacteria by having Exhaust Fan and Motor Solutions come to your business and install state of the art commercial exhaust canopies. They will ensure that the air in your kitchen is clean and now allowing for the harmful spread of bacteria.

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So, if you run a commercial kitchen, whether it be a bar, pub, café or restaurant, and require a new air filtration system, or if you have any enquiries about the service we provide, feel free to get in contact with our friendly team of staff.

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