Cleaning of Commercial Canopy Motors, Industrial Air Conditioners and Ducted Systems

A building’s ducted air network acts as a public indoor respiratory system. Microbial spores, grime, dirt, and dust that accumulate inside of the exhaust canopy, hidden from view “congest” the system, make it difficult for the building’s breathing system to function properly.

Neglected and dirty canopy motors are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, mould and mildew, and other potentially life-threatening microbial growth.

Dirty and neglected air ducts can increase your utility bills and reduce air supply. They can also cause components and hardware to wear out prematurely.

Our commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning service includes vacuuming, washing and decontaminating the air-conditioned ducting system.

Kitchen Grease Exhaust Canopies

Cleaning and maintenance is a must for any industrial and exhaust canopy. We recommend a service every 6 or 12 months.

Our solution includes hand washing and removing all grease from the exhaust canopy. Cleaning the filter frames, ducting, gutters and the outside surfaces of the range hood, including the exhaust motor located on the roof.

Flues, Ducting and Fan Units

Kitchen flues can quickly become grease traps and fire hazards without regular maintenance. Avoid dangerous build up with regular cleaning.

Or services include scraping grease from inside the flue and ducting. Hand washing fan units with chemicals to remove all grease.

Toilet Exhausts

Removal of accumulated lint and dust from the registers and ducts of toilet exhausts improves odours and steam laden air removal.

Our service involves cleaning ceiling vents in toilets and ducting with compressed air and hand washing exhaust motors with specialist chemicals.

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Health Inspections and fire Inspections can happen any time, but most health and fire issues can’t be seen. Built up grease, fat and oils inside and behind your equipment is the real cause for concern.

Our service includes cleaning commercial kitchens from ceiling to floor, all by hand.

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